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Candle & Home Fragrance
Why Sentsy?

Working with Scentsy will light up your life, all without a single wick! This popular direct sales company uses high-quality home fragrance products to entice a wide variety of customers, along with a special warmer system that encourages repeat sales of their highly-fragranced scent bars. Fun, fresh product lines are continually expanded and updated, forming a catalog that delights fans and newcomers alike. Want a direct sales opportunity that sells itself? Become a Scentsy rep today!

Our Story

Today, Scentsy is such a huge name in direct sales and home fragrance, it’s hard to imagine CEO Orville Thompson and his wife Heidi starting it out of a shipping container in 2004. Famous for its line of warmers and wickless scented wax, Scentsy has built an empire on high-quality products, a fun party atmosphere and empowered representatives that love to talk up their experiences and invite others into the company.

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